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Razihel is an eclectic young Italian producer. Coming to EDM out of his worldwide success in the Screamo / post-hardcore scene, where he toured the world gaining performance experience as a singer and front-man, he already surpassed that success with his solo efforts in barely 2 years. “I think being in punk-rock, metal and hard-core bands from when I was just 14 and touring a lot helped me to grow up as a musician for sure but also as a person. You can really hear the difference between a producer who is also a real musician and can play real instruments and one who is just a producer and worked only with digital stuff,” and he’s probably right when he says this, in fact, his official remix for “Come And Get It” by Krewella, which starts with a brilliant melodic live recorded guitar arpeggio, reached 2 millions+ views in 8 months on YouTube, and has been regularly dropped by big names like Adventure Club and Krewella.