“Welcome to hell.”

Meet the mysterious Parisian duo, AGLORY. What started out as a Moombahton/Trap inspired side project between two friends, AGLORY has organically evolved into something much more sinister, becoming a musical vehicle through which they impose their universe on us. Defining their sound as simple as ‘unique’ would be a dramatic understatement.

More aptly labeled under the industrial techno banner, their tracks sit around 100bpm mark rather than the usual 125-130bpm. Expect from AGLORY, dark productions that combine tribal sounds with techno and gritty bass lines creating a cacophony of musical elements.

Their catalogue which includes single releases and bootlegs (which they call “AGLORY Vision’s”) boasts the attention some of the most influential online mediums including THUMP, Earmilk,, Nest HQ and The EDM Network. Their popularity extends far beyond the realms of the internet as in 2015 alone they’ve already played at some of electronic music respected venues including La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris and Bootshaus, Cologne.