When Tiesto played New World Sound’s debut electro anthem ‘Peak’ on Club Life episodes 269 and 270, it should have been marked down as the global introduction of Australia’s next big dance music act. The premier gave an insight into a standard that 21 and 19-year-old brothers Tyrone and Jesse Taylor have upheld with all future releases: the respect, support and backing of industry A-listers.

New World Sound’s fairytale-like rise to prominence reached new heights when a demo sent to an abandoned email was randomly checked. Fortune favours the brave and their charmed run led to a deal on one of the biggest labels in dance music today. Who was the recipient, you ask? Ash Pournouri, manager of Sweden’s Avicii and his imprint LE7ELS Records.

Rarely does a new artist breakthrough and instantly receive attention from the who’s who of the dance scene, many of whom have been in music longer than the Taylor brother’s mere existence. With that noted, be sure to keep an eye on New World Sound and in doing so you’ll find yourself in esteemed company. Evidence suggests many other leading dance music pacemakers already are.